Concrete Restoration and Repair in Key Largo

Are the Terrazzo concrete tiles on your property beginning to crack and crumble? Are you looking for a concrete contractor that can restore those tiles to their former glory? If so, Re-New-It Corp. are the contractors for you.

We specialize in concrete restoration and repair services. In little time at all, we will make those wonderful tiles look new again. All you have to do? Contact our offices and schedule a consultation with Key Largo’s finest. Call (305) 271-7119 today.

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Concrete Restoration Done Right

Each type of concrete defect has a specific cause. Thankfully, we know how to repair all of these damages and more. We can make disintegrating concrete look complete and healthy again. We can fill in cracks, re-finish unsightly surfaces, and everything in between.

Concrete damage comes in many forms, some of these include:

  • Cracking
  • Blistering
  • Delamination
  • Scaling
  • Spalling

Save Money and Time

Time is money, as they say. If you save on one, you’ll be able to save on the other, too. With us, we always make sure you save big whenever possible. The long-lasting nature of our work ensures you’ll never have to invest in excessive and needless repairs in the future. What’s more, we price our services fairly, ensuring you’ll never have to look elsewhere for quality concrete repair services.

Is it time to do something about your concrete surfaces? Contact us at your convenience.

Taking Care of Terrazzo

When terrazzo shows signs of wear and tear, you might feel compelled to replace the tiles altogether. Our advice? Invest in the restoration services of our team. For a fraction of the cost, your terrazzo flooring system will look wonderful again. What’s more, you’ll have an opportunity to completely alter the appearance of the tile.

A Wide Range of Finishes

There is more than one way to restore your concrete flooring system. After addressing the cracks and chips, you can even request that we apply an epoxy finish. Better yet, you could even request a shiny, no-sealer finish that turns your worn-out tiles into something elegant.

How do we achieve this finish without the use of coatings or sealers? By way of a mechanical grinding-and-polishing process.

Polish and Grind the Concrete

Concrete polishing is by far our most sought-after restoration service. We mechanically grind and polish the concrete floors using diamond abrasives. These abrasives are categorized according to the size of the grit, allowing for adjustable coarseness and fineness for your concrete tiles.

Patchwork and Stain Removal Services

During the finishing process, we also conduct thorough patchwork and stain removal processes to ensure your concrete tiles look as wonderful as possible. Between our mechanical polishers and keen eye for detail, we’re able to provide results that revitalize floors and stand the test of time.

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Concrete might be durable, but it isn’t immune to minor cracks and other damages. When you want to repair your concrete tiles, we are the ones to call. Request our services by calling (305) 271-7119.