Residential Mosaics in Key West

There is no doubt that mosaic tiles offer a wide variety of benefits to homes of all shapes and sizes. The multifaceted nature of mosaic tiles means that they can be used in bathrooms, kitchens and even in outdoor settings. On top of that, mosaic tiles can enhance the visual nature of your residential property while not compromising on any of the durable features that they have become renowned for. Factor in the skill and expertise of our team of installation experts and it is clear to see that residential mosaic tiles are a real match made in heaven.

So, with all that in mind, it is very important that you choose our expert team for all your residential mosaic needs. Contact us today for a free estimate or for more information on our wide range of services.

Install Mosaic Tiles With the Experts at Re-New-It Corp.

Unlike other tiling types such as marble or porcelain, mosaic tiles are relatively easy to install. The installation process also takes less time than other types of tile. This ultimately means less disruption for you and your family. Our skilled team promises to install your mosaic quickly and efficiently, while leaving your home looking even better than it did when we started. We can even install mosaic tiles on the exterior features of your home. There’s no need to worry since our mosaic tiles survive the chilly winter months comfortably because of their frost-proof qualities.

Extensive Mosaic Designs Available

The decorative nature of mosaic tiles mean that they can immediately enhance and brighten up rooms of all shapes and sizes. While this may sound like a pretty obvious benefit of mosaic tiles, the fact of the matter is that the decorative nature of mosaic tiles can add immediate value to your home.

Durable Tile Option for Your Home

For homeowners who are concerned that mosaic tiles may not be able to withstand the heat that comes from a kitchen, you need not fear. Our mosaic tiles are completely heat resistant. As well as being extremely heat-resistant, our mosaic tiles are also waterproof. This means that they are ideally suited for installation in bathrooms, specifically in showers or baths. Mosaic tiles are not only water and heat-resistant, they also hold up extremely well to stains and dirt.

This means that if you are a homeowner with young children, then you can rest easy knowing that stains won’t be a major problem. If it so happens that your mosaic tiles do become a little dirty, it’s not a big deal because they are extremely easy to clean. Often overlooked, there is no doubt that mosaic tiles are extremely tough and durable. This means that you can rest assured that when they are installed, they won’t have to be replaced for a long time.

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