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If you are looking for a tile that has it all and more, then you really shouldn’t look past terrazzo. Offering a wide variety of tiling options, terrazzo can do it all. It is durable and affordable without compromising on any of the esthetic qualities that come with a tile of this nature. When it comes to color, terrazzo can be easily blended to form a unique color range that is very hard to match. Alternatively, the consistency and effectiveness of this type of tile means that it should be the first choice for any homeowner looking for a tile that will immediately enhance their home with natural and ethereal tones. One of the other main benefits of terrazzo is its composition.

Terrazzo can be changed or modified to any number of material combinations that you desire. So, whether you are in search of a marble-heavy appearance or want your terrazzo tiles to contain a little more quartz, then we can do either. Finally, in terms of shape and depth, terrazzo offers far more options than all other materials. From curvilinear patterns to geometric shapes, the possibilities are endless with terrazzo.

What is the Thin-Set Terrazzo Method?

While it is hard to say for certain, it is generally agreed that thin-set terrazzo is now the most popular installation method favored by our clients. The main difference between thin-set terrazzo and the more traditional, thicker variety is that it uses epoxy or resin rather that a cement-based binder. In general, the thin-set terrazzo layer is approximately 3/8 of an inch thick and is poured over a concrete slab with an antifracture membrane. Thin-set terrazzo contains no chemical sealer and is very eco-friendly.

Lightweight and Durable Tiles

Of the main benefits of terrazzo is that it is extremely light, weighing approximately three pounds per square foot. Its lightweight features mean that it can be used on vertical applications such as walls and can be easily applied to horizontal settings like floors. On top of that, thin-set terrazzo can be installed over new or existing concrete or plywood subfloors. In addition, thin-set terrazzo is also available in a range of rich and vibrant colors and is extremely resistant to chemicals, mold and bacteria. It is also very crack-resistant and is very easy to clean.

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