Concrete Waterglass and Patina (Acid Stain) finishes

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Waterglass finishes are available in various colors. This artistic finish permanently changes an ordinary concrete slab to a floor which looks like marble or glazed stone finish. Also allows you to take an ordinary tile floor and give it a new trendy look. This process can be used for interior and exterior floors & walls Waterglass products Patina are mineral solutions which are highly reactive with limestone coating materials such as: concrete. ;limestone & lime plaster surfaces creating colorful results on concrete slabs.

Cement Overlayments

If you are looking for a new modern look for your home or business, let us show you the latest technology in cement overlayment flooring systems. These toppings are used to achieve a polished concrete look for interior and exterior applications. This technique is a good solution for new or old concrete floors, giving you a polished concrete look. Cement topping can have decorative saw cuts and grouted to simulate large tiles or cut stones. Cement overlayment can also be used when soundproofing is required.

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