Everyone loves the classic look of a luxurious terrazzo floor

Many Florida home owners have discovered terrazzo beneath their existing floor. After all, terrazzo is a sustainable floor hand crafted by artisans intended to last for years.

Working on bringing back the beauty of terrazzo surfaces must be done by experienced contractors in Miami and surrounding areas because terrazzo requires deft handling of the material. Terrazzo surfaces can be easily ruined by amateur contractors in Miami and surrounding areas who have little or no experience in handling terrazzo materials.

For a fraction of the installation cost, terrazzo can be restored to have a variety of finishes ranging from a honed or burnished look to a glass-like high shine finish that requires no coatings, sealers or waxes. This is achieved by a mechanical grinding and polishing process that uses diamond abrasives that are categorized according to grit size, with lower number grits being more coarse and higher number grits much finer. During the diamond grinding and polishing process, we handle any patch work and stain removal that might be required.

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